Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Your Own Minecraft Character you would love

Minecraft is one of the very famous and fascinating games we could have ever played. The game has a lot of blocks and it includes a lot of building and breaking of these blocks. The characters build structures to protect themselves against the monsters and later they create great imaginative structures. The skins of the characters can only be changed if the player has purchased the game. A skin of a character is the texture on the surface of the character. The second head layer of the skin gives the character an extra look by their accessories like the glasses, hats and some more creative accessories from the store.   But the 3D technology around we could see a lot of 3D printed selfies around but the character that has been introduced by the Minecraft are simply stunning. Minecraft allows us to create a 3D printed object of our own character which is similar to a sandbox.

The Minetoy app can bring the character into real life by using the Minecraft prints. Select the model and print it. These characters can be gifted or can be kept on your own desktop as a decoration piece standing in happiness. These characters are printed in different methods. The use of binder and glue is done to print these characters. Alternate layers of binders and glue are repeated number of times to get the aimed character. One can easily turn the Minecraft character into a 3D solid model and it is very exciting to keep as your personal belonging. Customized and printed Minecraft characters can be ordered and received at your doorstep and is certainly a good idea for a Minecraft fan. Apart from these models the structures in the game can also be printed with the 3D printer.

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