Monday, 21 July 2014

3D Systems have announced their new Cube 3D Printer ‘EKOCYCLE'

Cube 3D Printer ‘EKOCYCLE'
We always wonder how to recycle and save the environment technologically. 3D Systems have announced their new Cube 3D Printer ‘EKOCYCLE’.  Ekocycle is capable to print some of the amazing things out of recycled plastic. The filament that is used in the printer is made of recycled plastic and promotes sustainability through a lot of fashionable and lifestyle products.

Ekocycle is an important part of our life as it connects with us by giving the recycling option and also having the printing capabilities. The printer has kept the brand name and is the best for the students, hobbyists and home crafters. Ekocycle is just another printer that has changed our lives and made a revolutionary entry in the list. The printer has recycling and remaking capabilities which are the most important one. 3D Systems predicts that the printer can be used by many influential brands across the globe to print their products which can be a perfect blend of style and inspiration.  This does not mean that the user can directly enter the plastic bottles in the printer and print things. The filament needs to be purchased from 3D Systems which is partially comprised of plastic bottles. Ekocycle has a print resolution of 70 microns and can print fine products for today’s market. The printer also has two extruders which can be used for multi color printing and the volume of the object can be 6 inches volume. The commands for printing can be given by the phones as well as it has Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity. The printer is an everyday use plug and play printer with setting new standards in the industry. It has remade the new printing experience which supports fine prints with advanced settings. The Instant load cartridge and unlimited styles in just the convenience of your palm makes it fun printing. Get more details 

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