Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Nike Football Accelerates Innovation With 3D Printed “CONCEPT CLEAT” For Shuttle

The Vapor Hyper agility Cleat is made for the ultimate quickness and to better understand the needs of the sprinters in the competitive world.  This design has taken the entire design and manufacturing world for a surprise. This innovation has been made with the help of the gold medal sprinter Michael Johnson and provides full support for the athletes as they need lateral agility. These Vapor Hyper agility cleat are born for the new Shuttle Project for Nike and has successfully replaced the traditional footwear technology and have taken the 3D printing to a new level.

Football is a game where the player needs to be super quick and that’s what the cleat does. The skills that are used in printing the cleats are used to change the directions easily, cutting another player, reduce the deceleration time and traction confidence. The designers have allowed the freedom to print and design the new prototypes for this footwear. Now the football players can feel the ultimate grip where they can reach a new speed.   The interesting and aggressive looking design benefits the players to speed up. Also the players can avoid a slipping show with the help of these cleats. The cleat has used the dynamic fly wire cables that are hand threaded in the plate which provides the complete lockdown of the foot and prevents slippage. The shoes also protect the ankle bone as it fits around the collar to protect them. The ground breaking traction, instant speed, every step becomes faster. The 3D printing technology has given a lot of benefits to the cleats as hey provide minimum slippage and the technology has given the freedom to the manufacturers to test, design, edit and create shapes as per the requirement and need. 

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