Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Precise and Repeatable Jewelry Patterns using 3D Printing

3D printed jewelry
Design industry has changed from last few years as technology has changed. They have to face many issues in terms of design innovations, new idea, creativity, personal touch, out of the box thinking, economical, labor charges and availability and time. 3D systems has come up with ideas that have also benefited the jewelry industry to improve their design efficiency, product quality and manufacturing time. Complex and critical designs can also be achieved easily with the help of 3D printers. 

The precise and repeatable jewelry is now introduced which has fine detailed jewelry patterns which are 3D printed and can be used again. The digital design of the jewelry is needed and they use the SLA patterns which are used with different materials to reduce printing time, perfect accuracy and replications with the help of direct casting. Best finish, accuracy and fine details are achieved with the SLA master pattern to get the high quality final product. The focus of this technology is on design as it can print the most intricate designs as compared to the traditional jewelry making methods. The design professionals and the jewelry makers in the industry have already started using the technology as the wide range of high definition 3D printers are very affordable, easy to use and low cost solutions to the design and jewelry industry. It takes very less time to design a very complex piece of jewelry that took hours or days in the traditional methods. The 3D printing technology is the best way to grow business with an innovative edge and has numerous benefits as it can save a lot of time and money on the inventory. It can also print on demand jewelry or the make to order complex jewelry pieces. Labor and time is saved which can be utilized in some other creative ideas. Visit here

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