Thursday, 20 November 2014

Next Top Best SLS 3D Printed Objects

#6. 3D printed prosthetic fairings –Scott Summit felt that prosthetic legs should be as much about beauty as they are about function, so Scott created Bespoke Fairings: SLS printed prosthetic fairings that bring customized style and fashion to traditionally impersonal medical devices.

#7. T-Hawk UAV – SLS goes airborne in the T-Hawk, which utilizes SLS parts for about 50% of its total part count. SLS parts give this commercial UAV the ability to fly faster and farther by reducing weight (11 pounds) and upping strength.

#8. 3D Printed Furniture by Janne Kytannen – The perfect combination of elegance and strength, these SLS 3D printed stools and lampshades are shaking up the way furnishings and home décor are created and used.

#9. 3D Printed Engine Manifold – If you think plastics are weak, think again. This SLS  printed manifold is robust and heat resistant, so it can be used for on-engine testing.

#10. 360Heros Multi-Camera Rig – Name an extreme environment and 360Heros has been there, from the dark ocean depths to the pinnacle of Mount Everest. These GoPro camera rigs allow amateur and professional filmmakers to record 360-degree video anywhere. They are printed as single-build assemblies using 3D Systems’ SLS and then dyed to the company’s colors.
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    Thanks for sharing such a beautiful blog.....
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