Friday, 5 December 2014

The First Ever 3D Printed Presidential Portrait

The first ever 3D printed presidential portrait is now on view at the Smithsonian!

3D Systems is proud to have worked with the Smithsonian on printing President Obama’s 3D portrait. 3D Systems designed the printable digital models, and printed the life mask and bust of the President using Selective Laser Sintering printers—industrial grade machines that produce high-resolution 3D prints. 

3D Systems choose SLS printing for this task due to that technology’s ability to create prints with stunning detail and excellent surface finishes. SLS parts have long been trusted within the fields of automotive, aerospace, and industrial design for their durability and functionality. Our Quickparts on demand print service team has additionally tested a variety of long-lasting coatings that ensure museum quality prints with preventative UV protection and certified material properties.


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