Wednesday, 17 January 2018

Shining 3D on Behalf of China Discussed the Introduction of 3D Printing to Mauritius with the Prime Minister of Mauritius

March, 2017: Mr. Zhao Donglai, Vice President of Shining 3D, accompanied Mr. Li Li, the Chinese Ambassador to Mauritius, in donating a number of 3D scanners, 3D printers and supplies independently developed by Shining 3D to the Mauritius government in the name of the embassy, and discussed the introduction of 3D printing to Mauritius with the Prime Minister of Mauritius and the leaders of relevant departments.
According to Prime Minister Jugnauth, these donated equipment will be distributed to 12 different government departments, enterprises and educational institutions to promote communication and information technology. These organizations include:
      SME Development Bureau,
      Ministry of Central Information Systems,
      Ministry of Health and Quality of Life,
      Ministry of Housing and Lands,
      University of Mauritius,
      University of Technology, Mauritius,
      Mauritius Institute of Training and Development, and
      Open University of Mauritius.
Why Shining 3D Is Selected
With the increasing importance of high-tech in Mauritius with a developed tourism industry, referred by the Chinese Ambassador to Mauritius, Shining 3D was eventually selected to visit Mauritius due to its combined strength in technology, industrial scale and innovative model.
Shining 3D's Technology and Model Are Recognized in Mauritius
The Prime Minister of Mauritius and the leaders of relevant departments acquired detailed knowledge of 3D printing equipment developed by Shining 3D used in the fields of education and consumption, and carefully learned of how Shining 3D managed to build offline 3D creative classrooms and 3D printing experience centers, so as to bring 3D printing into classrooms to inspire creativity of children with a complete solution from 3D scanning to 3D printing.
Bring Operational Experience of 3D Printing Service Centers to Mauritius
In the meeting, Mr. Zhao Donglai, Vice President of Shining 3D, told the Prime Minister of Mauritius and the leaders of relevant departments that, the company had created a nationwide online and offline 3D printing cloud manufacturing network by building offline 3D printing service centers and online 3D printing cloud manufacturing platforms, to promote the application of the company's products and services in industrial fields such as automotive, aerospace, machinery and electronics, home appliances, intelligent manufacturing and molding.

The offline 3D printing service centers, in particular, also meant friendly and far-reaching cooperation between China and Mauritius on 3D printing.

About Shining 3D:

Shining 3D provides a wide-range of 3D digitizing and printing solutions including scanners, printers, material, design and manufacturing services, as well as a fully-established network cloud platform. Shining 3D focuses on the fusion and innovation between 3D scanning and printing technology. The company provides integrated equipment and service solutions for industrial manufacturing, education, bio-medical treatment and much more. With more than ten thousand customers worldwide, Shining 3D receives positive reviews from well-known companies such as: Intel, Bosch, Adidas, Panasonic, China Southern Locomotive, SVW, BAIC MOTOR and Autodesk.